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Our village was established in the year 1203 around the former property of Otto de Kinz. The name Kinz is derived from Wendish word choina (old: choja, chojar), which is also often used for conifer and spruce. Kinz and later Chins might well have been formed from Konitz and Kenitz. The pine isn't only the element of the coat of arms, it also can be found in our fields still today. 

Before our village was pulled together, it once consisted of three so-called Abtheilungen (parts) or rather communities, Kunitzsch and the deserted medieval villages Rauden and Naundorf. According to the oldest references we know the former names Chins, Kincz, Kyntzsch, Kyniczs, Kinitsch and Kynitz before the current form was developed in 1791.

Today we're part of the municipality of Lossatal in Leipziger Land in Saxony and here we're going to great lengths to collect events and cultural highlights of the village and surrounding area.



K ü h n i t z s c h

In Himmelschlüssel und Saatengrün

gehen die Augen auf die Weide,
bis zu den Bauerngärten, die so bunt blüh’n
unter des Himmels blauer Seide,
die sich um Turm von Schloss und Kirche bauscht.

Dem Maiglöckchengeläute schenkt sich mein Herz,
dem Lerchentriller und der Kuckuckssterz
und ist vom hellen Schauen wie berauscht,
so frei und beschwingt, so heiter erregt.

Und drüben die Mühle so flink sich bewegt,
wenn der Wind über Park und Hügel weht
und durch den Wald ein leises Zittern geht.

Ein Erlkönigweg führt durch Wiese und Feld
zu der stillen, kleinen, dörflichen Welt,
die sich wie eine Insel des Friedens sonnt.

Moritz Willy Stolle (around 1930)



Convallaria majalis


Hohburg Stone Crusher House

Hohburg Stone Crusher House

An extensive museum about the history of stone crusher's life of natural stone industry in northwest part of Saxony.

The Ecumenical Pilgrimage

The Ecumenical Pilgrimage

'Hiking is the miller's delight!' Kühnitzsch is very close to the Ecumenical Pilgrimage - find out more about Pilgrimage routs and hostels.

Meltewitz sand dump motocross (SHC)


Enduro fans get their money's worth here! All aspects of offroad in Meltewitz and surroundings.

German Mill Society (DGM)

German Mill Society

All you have to know about the mill's history and maintaining.

Leipzig Elbe Cycle Route

Leipzig Elbe Cycle Route

Do you want to go by bicycle? You can start a tour directly from us to Elbe river, where many sights are waiting for your adventure.

Fischers organic bakery

Fischers organic bakery

Handcrafted bread and buns, made like in previous times. Here you can find fresh bakery products from our village.




Voluntary Fire Brigade

Fire Brigade KühnitzschYou can find news and
general information of Voluntary
Fire Brigade Kühnitzsch!

Voluntary Fire Brigade Kühnitzsch


Kühnitzsch Carnival ClubIf you like to go to carnival, then
you'll find the right fifth season
events here.

Kühnitzsch Carnival Club

Municipal of Lossatal

Municipal of LossatalOur municipal.
Look here for more recreational activities
in the region.

Municipal of Lossatal

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